Chapters Café is the perfect place to enjoy great food & drink throughout the day. 

The idea of sharing food, drink and conversation is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Come and enjoy our relaxed atmosphere with friends and family. We look forward to welcoming you soon. 

We also welcome children’s birthday parties and catering for meetings and functions.

Interesting fact!

Coffee use can be traced at least to as early as the ninth century, when it appeared in the highlands of Ethiopia.  According to legend, Ethiopian shepherds were the first to observe the influence of the caffeine in coffee beans when the goats appeared to "dance" and to have an increased level of energy after consuming wild coffee berries. The legend names the shepherd "Kaldi." From Ethiopia, coffee spread to Egypt and Yemen. It was in Arabia that coffee beans were first roasted and brewed, similar to how it is done today. By the 15th century, it had reached the rest of the Middle East, Persia, Turkey and Northern Africa.


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